When you need to add space in virtually any environment, buy modular buildings with confidence, knowing that you’ll save money on construction costs without sacrificing design and quality.

Prefabricated buildings have grown in popularity, primarily because their attractive architectural designs are compatible with any landscape and because they offer you high quality, flexibility, speedy completion, substantial cost savings and reduced environmental impact.

When you buy modular buildings, you’ll find that they adapt easily to fit any site and will meet or exceed your local building, safety and occupancy codes. Exterior finish options, such as brick, stucco and other architectural surfaces, make them ideal as stand-alone structures or for adding on to conventional buildings without breaking your budget. In fact, they are hard to distinguish from stick-built buildings.

Buy Modular Buildings

There is literally no type of building that cannot be designed and manufactured in a modular manner.  They are highly customizable and available in an unlimited number of floor plans and designs, including multi-story designs, from under 1,000 SF to more than 20,000 SF.

Consider the following uses for prefab buildings:

  • Modular Classrooms – Modular construction allows private schools, public schools and corporate trainers to easily resolve expanding the issue of enrollment overflow, and add libraries, science labs, gymnasiums, bookstores and other functional spaces to the campus. Portable classrooms can also be quickly deployed after a fire, flood, earthquake, tornado or other devastating natural disaster to get students back to normal as soon as possible.
  • Modular Dormitories – College students come to mind when we think about the uses for modular dormitories. However, they can provide living quarters for employees who work in remote locations, such as on shale oil drilling and mining sites. They can be used as military barracks, modular man camps, retreat centers, campground staff housing, and anywhere else you need flexible, functional living spaces with the comforts of home.
  • Modular Church Buildings – If your budget is small, but your congregation is bursting at the seams, it may be the perfect time to consider prefabricated church buildings. Add on a prayer center, choir room, a new chapel, youth center, or Sunday school center. Technical innovations, such as “clear span” framing systems, allow for wide open interior spaces without the need for interior support columns. This is particularly useful for churches, synagogues and assembly halls where the inside of the building needs to be open and spacious.
  • Modular Offices – Business is booming and you’ve outgrown your office space. Or, you’re remodeling and have nowhere to house your staff. Brick-and-mortar construction is expensive and time-consuming, but modular offices are a cost-effective alternative whether your need for more office space is short term, long term, or permanent. If you’re a real estate developer, for example, you’ll be able to move your sales office easily from one set of new model homes to another.
  • Modular Daycare Facilities – Children between infancy and school age are said to spend up to 12,500 hours in child care facilities. Consequently, it’s important to design a space that will be a healthy environment and one that encourages a child’s creativity and development. With prefab buildings, you can save an average of 20% of the cost of traditional construction and use the savings for well-built, durable furniture, tools and supplies to create a stimulating learning environment.

When you buy the modern modular buildings that are available today, you’ll be able to configure them with bathroom/shower facilities, kitchens, meeting spaces, fitness centers, game/recreation rooms, and just about any other functional space that will provide you, your employees, your students or your congregation with maximum comfort.